The $75 Simple Legal Wedding Ceremony

More and more many couples are seeking just a simple legal wedding.  Many call after having searched for a Justice of the Peace or courthouse wedding and finding out they no longer exist.  If this is you then a Simple Legal Wedding Ceremony is for you. 

I am often asked to perform quick legal wedding for couples who are planning to have a large wedding ceremony later on but need the formality and legality of marriage for a variety of reasons.  I am honored to serve you.  Often we can even meet same day, perform your wedding and certify your marriage license so that you don’t have to worry. 

For couples who simply want to be legally marriage this service provides a simple in-office ceremony.

  • Complementary Phone Consultation
  • Scheduled Ceremony Time (M-F during Normal Business Hours)
  • Performance of your Simple Legal Wedding Ceremony
  • Name Change Guide
  • Certification of ceremony and filing of license with issuing authority.

Simple - Legal - Married