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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we have our wedding ceremony without obtaining a Marriage License?

Of course, I have couples from all over the country exchange their vows without filing for a marriage license.  The reasons vary from already being legally married to simply just wanting a commitment ceremony or vow renewal.  During your consultation I am happy to discuss the legalities and answer any specific questions as it relates to you.

Can we be married with our toes in the water?

Yes, as a matter of fact many couples like to exchange their nuptials with the tide breaking at their feet.  I am always open to your ideas, and happy to accommodate your requests to be in or near the water.   

How long will our ceremony last?

The answer really depends on you.  I've had some couples request short and sweet "I Do's" while others want to incorporate many readings and rituals.  Just know there is no right or wrong timeline.  This is "Your Day" so it is all about you and what you would like.  On average though the spoken portion of most ceremonies fall between 10-15 minutes.  During your consultation we will go over your wishes and I can usually give you a rough estimate of the timeline based on your selections.

Do we need a permit to have our wedding ceremony on the beach?

For beaches in the Grand Strand, no.  There are however some areas of the beach where we have certain limitations.  I am licensed by all localities enabling your ceremony to be conducted anywhere in the area.  You can also rest assured knowing that I am familiar with all local ordinances and regulations.

How should we dress for a beach wedding?

Whatever you like!  This question comes up a lot and honestly it is totally up to you.  The beach invites you to come as you are and trust me from formalwear to flip flops and everywhere in between I have seen it all. 

Can we provide our own wedding decorations?

Absolutely, this is your day!  There are many popular items that I can supply for you, but if you would like to provide your own items or decorations I totally understand.  I am always happy to discuss your ideas.  Also please keep in mind we are required to follow regulations and certain items are prohibited from the beach and public areas. 

What are the Fees?

This is usually one of the first questions on your mind, rest assured, I'm willing to work within your budget, however, it's also important to understand we must be fair with one another. When I discuss fees with you I will share with you what fees are normal and customary in the local wedding market. Once we discuss those fees, we'll discuss what's affordable for you and go from there as I truly want to serve you as your officiant.

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