Spotlight on: Hannah Ruth Photography

Spotlight on: Hannah Ruth Photography

Today's blog post starts my Vendor Spotlight series, which will enable me to better introduce you to many of the great wedding professionals I work alongside.  Myrtle Beach hands down has one of the best selection of wedding vendors in the country.  I am honored to work alongside some of the best pros in the industry and our couples reap all of the benefits of having a professional vendor team working together to make their day seamless and stress free.

Today, I would like to introduce you to Hannah Ruth of Hannah Ruth Photography.  Located in the Market Common area of Myrtle Beach, Hannah's photography studio is a great location for couples to meet and discuss their vision and ideas for their wedding day.  Hannah is always smiling, professional and friendly.  Her styled shoots are creative, fun and always full of smiles and laughter.  I could tell you more about Hannah Ruth, but let's hear what she has to say.

Please share a little about yourself and your company.

Hi! I’m Hannah Ruth with Hannah Ruth Photography. I am born & raised in Cape Cod MA, and yes I love the Red Sox and Patriots! I absolutely love Photography and couldn't be happier at where it has taken me in life!! Photography for me is not a job... it’s a learning experience, and I never want to stop learning! If I had to pick one focus, it would be Wedding Photography! As much as I LOVE children and being crazy just like them, there is something about a Wedding day that makes my heart smile!! 

What is one thing about yourself that most people do not know?

Hmm...  I have a shopping addiction.. wait.. everyone knows that already... dang. Well, I could Tacos every day of my life! Oh, I know.. I went to Boarding School from age 14-18 in Montana.... An all GIRLS boarding school... AH!!

What inspired you to become a photographer?

Blurry Backgrounds! I always loved taking pictures however it’s when I started noticing the difference between good photography and amateur photography that I had to learn more, and more, and more! My appreciation to teach & learn photography drives me the most. Photography is Art, and I love creating art, and bringing out the beauty and uniqueness in something or someone is my passion. I’ll admit I am not a "Nature" or "Scenery" photographer, I’m a people person, and I love photographing people & events and telling a story that someone can cherish forever and ever!

What makes you unique as compared with other photographers?

I’m easy going!! I love to have a good time and make & watch people laugh! I do however capture the photos for "Grandma and Grandpa" {you know, "posed and stiff"} however I strive to capture more candid, real life events! {I want to capture the way your father looks at you as he is giving you away, or the way you "bicker" with your brother about the gift table...} Photos you can look back and feel emotion, and how you felt at that very second. I want to become part of your family, and I want to fight with the groomsmen because they don't listen to me when I tell them to be somewhere at a certain time... :)  

What is one piece of advice you like to give couples?

Be comfortable! Be yourself! Have Fun! Don't Street! Ask as many questions as you want! FOLLOW YOUR HEART :) <3

Where can we find you?